3D Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound

3-D And 4-D Obstetrical Ultrasounds Snellville, GA

3-D ultrasounds in Snellville, GA give an added advantage to routine ultrasounds by giving the ability to calculate the volume of the object/image being examined, hence creating images that can not traditionally be seen on a normal two-dimensional ultrasound.  In addition to giving you a beautiful image of your baby, 3-D ultrasounds in Snellville, GA may potentially also provide better visualization of fetal facial anomalies, neural tube defects, fetal tumors, and skeletal malformations. Despite these advantages, 3-D ultrasounds are not meant to replace the traditional two-dimensional ultrasound and are still only used as an adjunct to the traditional method.

3-D Ultrasound options offered at Gwinnett OB-GYN include:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

  • Done between 16-18 weeks gestation to help predict the gender of the baby

Hello Friend! Hello Friend!

  • Done between 26-32 weeks gestation
  • Colored 3-D glossy images of baby
  • High-resolution CD
  • Gender evaluation if desired

One Potato, Two Potato!

  • Gender predictor for multiple gestation pregnancies (done in 2nd trimester)
  • 2-D glossy image of each baby (2nd trimester)
  • Colored 3-D images of each baby (when done in 3rd trimester)
  • High-resolution CD (3rd trimester)

4-D Ultrasounds Snellville, GA

The latest 4-D ultrasound imaging technology has the ability to demonstrate any abnormal findings or defects of fetal anatomy that would result in immediate identification of the extent of the abnormality. Thus, making it earlier for parents and doctors to plan for treatment, if needed.

The said obstetrical 4-D ultrasound pictures enhance the surface structures of a baby’s face that can be used for entertainment or non-medical purposes to give parents a sneak peek of their baby. Furthermore, 3D imaging in Snellville, GA of the face can also be used to enhance the 2D ultrasound imaging to provide a better clarification about the presence or absence of a cleft lip, other facial abnormalities, or limb abnormalities such as skeletal dysplasia and clubbed feet.

Advantages of a 4-D Ultrasound Snellville, GA

  • It will better demonstrate the normal fetal anatomy to a patient.
  • It will, also, better demonstrate the abnormal findings of fetal anatomy.
  • It often helps with the mother forming a connection with her baby as well as the father of the child.
  • If there are any defects or anomalies seen, then it will identify the extent/involvement of the abnormality.


If you are interested in any of these 3-D ultrasounds and 4-D ultrasounds please ask the front desk staff for more information on pricing and scheduling.

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