Frequently Asked Questions About Birth Control In Snellville, GA

What Contraceptive Is Best For Me?

There are various contraceptives available, and the best method depends according to your child-bearing goals, where you are in life, how long you plan on not getting pregnant, and more. It is crucial to discuss these with your gynecologist so they can advise you on the best method of contraception based on your purpose.

For patients seeking to prevent getting pregnant temporarily, we offer numerous birth control options and procedures that can be done in our office in Snellville, GA. These include IUDs, subdermal implants, depo injections, oral contraceptives, vaginal rings, and birth control patches.

We perform Essure and laparoscopic tubal litigation procedures for patients who don’t want more children and seek permanent contraception, both of which can be done in our office or at the hospital.

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