Why National Infertility Awareness Week Is Important

Why National Infertility Awareness Week Is Important

As National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) is approaching, we want to take a few moments to recognize the 1 in 8 couples combating infertility. We know it's not easy. To the women, men, and families affected by infertility, we recognize both your struggles as well as your successes.

Great strides have been made nationally through healthcare providers and clinics in regards to infertility and reproductive issues. However, there's still more that can be done as we expand the national conversation, so every couple has the opportunity to have a baby. 

What Is National Infertility Day?

Infertility is a frequently misunderstood condition. Entertainment and news media tend to focus on the extreme, like stories of octuplets. While many newspapers and magazines report poorly on infertility or present a skewed perception of only women struggling with infertility. But infertility isn't only a female problem; it affects men as well. Almost half of all infertile couples are dealing with male factor infertility. Another problem is a bias toward age-related infertility — which makes infertility look like a "career-woman" problem.

Infertility can impact men and women of all ages. Moreover, millions of women and men who want to build a family tend to have limited access to reproductive services. These resources include a lack of health care coverage, access to medical and emotional support, and affordable infertility solutions. By uncovering these issues, we're better able to support those dealing with infertility and better ensure that everyone seeking solutions can easily find them.

What Color Represents Infertility?

NIAW has helped change how we view infertility and the real people struggling with it. Normalizing the various ways babies can be brought into the world helps to bring about social change, advocacy, and compassion.

Orange has been selected as the color for infertility awareness because it promotes a sense of general wellness, positive attitude, compassion, and warmth. Color studies show that orange affects us positively physically, stimulates mental activity, and happiness while increasing confidence in decision-making. You can wear orange to raise awareness.

Choosing to engage, share, and talk about infertility during NIAW helps break down the barriers preventing people from receiving care and support. Whether you've experienced infertility firsthand or want to support those who have, you can start by spreading awareness on social media, talking with family and friends, and even share your own story with others.

Our OB/GYNs Are For You

Expanding awareness, uncovering misconceptions, and promoting hope are what we're all about. However, we know that despite our best efforts, there can still be perceived, and real stigmas associated with infertility.

We are proactive in making sure couples and individuals who want a family, are not alone or without help or support from trained compassionate and competent reproductive professionals. Schedule an appointment at our OB/GYN office today.

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