When Is The Best Time To Get A 3D Ultrasound?

When Is The Best Time To Get A 3D Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds during pregnancy are an exciting experience for expectant mothers. 3D ultrasound in Snellville, GA, offers safe scans because they don't contain any form of radiation. As early as 3 to 4 weeks gestation, a 3D ultrasound can confirm the pregnancy and embryo development. 

On top of allowing your OBGYN to monitor your baby’s development through three-dimensional images that let you see the baby's first image, 3D ultrasounds help your doctor identify any developmental defects, such as cleft lips and skeletal malfunctions.

So, when is the best time to get a 3D ultrasound? Well, it depends. 3D ultrasounds in different stages of gestation reveal varying degrees of information about your baby.


4 To 18 Weeks

At this period, a 3D ultrasound can determine the genital development and gender of your fetus. Also, your OBGYN can check the development of the placenta and whether it's positioned in the right place. 

Levels of amniotic fluid are also checked during this period. Technicians at Gwinnett OBGYN in Snellville, GA, perform the procedure using a transducer resembling a remote control. They then apply the gel on the lower part of your stomach and rub using the transducer. This helps them create clear pictures of the condition of the fetus.

The baby is usually active during this period. They can kick, wave, or grab their feet if they are awake. You can see your baby's face for the first time during this period and ensure they have no congenital disabilities.

Essentially, a 3D ultrasound during this gestational period provides information regarding the overall health of your pregnancy. If you have complications, don’t worry. Your doctor will refer you to a high-risk OBGYN for specialized care and ensure a safe pregnancy. 

19 To 26 Weeks

A 3D ultrasound in Snellville, GA, at this stage shows how your baby will look when they are born. All your baby’s major body systems are developed and working, though not entirely, since they still require time to grow and add the required weight.

The 3D ultrasound during the second trimester (19 to 26 weeks) also determines whether your baby has well-developed legs and hands that are proportional to the size of their body. Growth at this point is, however, more inward then outward. For instance, bones begin to harden. By the 22nd week, they start forming fetal red blood cells.

Additionally, the baby's kicking continues. If you don’t feel your baby’s movement, please schedule a 3D ultrasound in Snellville, GA, with Gwinnett OBGYN immediately.


27 To 40 Weeks

A 3D ultrasound in Snellville, GA, in the last trimester indicates that the fetus has achieved most fetal developmental milestones. For instance, the brain tissues have grown, and the scalp hair is still growing. Furthermore, the scan shows significant weight gain and more prominent features.

In addition, the 3D ultrasound shows the baby’s cheeks becoming chubbier and the eyes opening and blinking. The baby is bigger and cannot be seen in one single image.

If you get the ultrasound at the 34th week, their mouths can open from time to time. Your doctor may also perform a scan at 39 weeks to check if the fetus has taken a head-down position in preparation for birth.


3D Ultrasound Snellville GA 

Gwinnett OBGYN has over 45 years of experience helping mothers and soon-to-be moms with safe and healthy pregnancies. Our facility has a state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound in Snellville, GA, to ensure we can pay close attention to your baby’s development and detect potential birth defects for a prompt response. 

Our staff understands that no pregnancies are alike and strive to provide personalized care that suits you. Contact Gwinnett OBGYN and schedule your appointment today!

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