What Happens During An Ultrasound In Snellville, GA

What Happens During An Ultrasound In Snellville, GA

An ultrasound is a medical procedure that uses sound waves to give you a sneak peak of your baby. Obstetricians use it to see the baby's position in the womb during pregnancy. Unlike other types of scans, an ultrasound does not expose you or your baby to harmful rays. The entire process is quite simple and takes about 30 minutes or less. Now let's have a look at what the 3D ultrasound in Snellville, GA, process entails.

What Happens During An Ultrasound Visit?

First, the doctor applies gel to your stomach. The gel ensures that the transducer slides along the skin surface with little or no friction. A transducer is a device that looks like a microphone, which doctors use during an ultrasound procedure. As the doctor rubs it on your stomach, sound waves begin to vibrate as they come into contact with the skin.

The sound wave creates images of the baby that reflect on the screen where your doctor can view them. The doctor then analyzes the images and at that point will ask if you would like to see your baby.

Types Of Ultrasound Exams

There are various types of ultrasounds and several ways to use them. Here’s a quick overview of the types of ultrasounds available:

  • 2D ultrasound, which is the most commonly used method
  • 3D ultrasound is more advanced than 2D imaging. For instance, 3D ultrasounds in Snellville, GA, provide clearer images than 2D imaging. With 3D ultrasounds in Snellville, GA, doctors can detect any abnormality that may occur during pregnancy with more precision.
  • 4D ultrasound is the most recent method of ultrasound that produces 3D images and adds the element of time. It allows you to see actual pictures of the unborn baby.

For more information, schedule an appointment to learn more about ultrasounds.

What Is The Purpose Of An Ultrasound?

Obstetricians use ultrasounds to check on the progress of the baby. It helps determine the number of babies in the womb, heart rate, and the baby's position.

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