January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month

It's January, time for National Birth Defects Prevention Month. It's time to raise awareness of all of the different types of birth defects that can happen during pregnancy or childbirth. If you are currently pregnant, taking a quality prenatal vitamin should be an important part of your daily routine. Gwinnett OB/GYN can give you a recommendation on a brand that will work well during your pregnancy. Trust the best obstetricians in Snellville when you need prenatal care. 

Common Birth Defect Questions:

What can cause Birth Defects to occur?

There are many reasons why birth defects happen in infants, whether they are chromosomal or genetic. Some are caused by exposure to chemicals, while others can occur due to an infection. Birth defects can happen when a mother engages in risky behaviors while pregnant, such as drug or alcohol abuse. A common birth defect for newborns is spina bifida, which can occur when a pregnant woman does not get enough folate in her diet. 

What can women do to Prevent Birth Defects from happening?

Educating women is one of the most crucial things that the Gwinnett OB/GYN staff does with their pregnant patients. The best way to prevent birth defects is for pregnant women to avoid any type of risky behavior while they are carrying a child. Avoiding alcohol and illegal drugs is at the top of the list. You should also take prenatal vitamins every day, exercise, eat a balanced diet, and drink plenty of water. 

It's also important to receive regular health care with your OB/GYN. They can provide you with all of the information you need to make it through your pregnancy safely. Your doctor will give you plenty of information about each stage of your baby's development when you see them. They will also help you prepare for childbirth as you get closer to your due date. 

Your doctor will suggest a quality prenatal vitamin as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. Our doctors can prescribe a prenatal vitamin, or you can pick one up from your local drugstore over-the-counter. Either way, taking a prenatal vitamin as recommended will increase your chances of having a healthy baby. You'll prevent spina bifida from occurring when you take your vitamin every single day. It's essential to replace any unhealthy habits with better ones while you are pregnant. It's good for you and your baby, both mentally and physically. 

Getting the proper prenatal care will help you have a safe and healthy pregnancy

Our priority in Snellville is the health and safety of both you and your baby. When you schedule an appointment with us, you will receive personal care from the best obstetricians in Snellville. We will monitor your pregnancy closely and provide you with prenatal vitamins that will help keep up the folic acid levels in your body. Remember, this daily supplement will help prevent your baby from developing spina bifida, a birth defect found in infants. 

Our doctors will make sure you have the tips you need to carry out a healthy pregnancy from the moment you know you are pregnant. There are many things you can do to prevent birth defects from occurring. With our help, you'll know just what to do to prevent birth defects while enjoying a healthy pregnancy. Observe National Birth Defects Prevention Month while making sure your baby is protected.

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