Baby Blues Vs. Postpartum Depression

Baby Blues Vs. Postpartum Depression

The joyous moment of motherhood can be overshadowed by mood swings, anxiety, and depression. The feeling of sadness, resentment, or anger are just a few of the symptoms expressed by new mothers after their childbirth. Sometimes these feelings are just suppressed for the time being due to the pressure of the tasks ahead of the baby's arrival, and there seems no obvious trouble. In any situation, the challenge is to figure out the root cause of this 'baby blues.' The experts at Gwinnett OB/GYN, one of the best obstetricians in Snellville, GA, offer various advice and suggestions around this topic.

Understanding Baby Blues

According to physicians and experts at Gwinnett OB/GYN who have studied the effects of childbirth on women, baby blues are typically seen a few days after the baby is born. Some mothers experience the related symptoms for two to three weeks. And the main reasons tend to be estrogen and hormonal changes. While that seems pretty straightforward, figuring out other causes of this health condition is not always so easy without the intervention of medical procedures.

Problems and symptoms related to baby blues are caused by many other things not directly related to underlying health conditions. There are added responsibilities and stress surrounding the upbringing of the newborn, past trauma, and work-life balance that you cannot ignore. And then, there is a considerable difference between baby blues and postpartum depression, or PPD. While baby blues tend to last a few days to a few weeks, postpartum depression can linger for a year and beyond.

Postpartum Depression In New Mothers

Postpartum depression is a common occurrence among new mothers. About 10-15 percent of these women suffer from PPD that lasts for six months and longer following childbirth. The symptoms of this condition mirror those of patients who have major depression and anxiety. By understanding the signs and considering factors influencing those symptoms, you can probably tell the difference between postpartum depression and short-term baby blues. For example, the timeline is one such factor to consider here. While baby blues stay for a few hours each day and disappear within two weeks of the delivery, postpartum depression can start within a few weeks and last more than a year.

Another way to tell whether it's baby blues or PPD that you are experiencing is through the diagnosis of symptoms itself. Fatigue, irritability, and sadness are associated with baby blues, whereas extreme stress, aggression, the feeling of detachment from the baby can point in the direction of postpartum depression. Extreme mood swings due to postpartum depression can sometimes trigger destructive behavior that could be dangerous to other household members' health and well-being.

How Gwinnett OB/GYN Can Help

The most subtle way that could influence the outcome of challenges faced by new mothers is an open dialogue with a specialist in obstetrics in Snellville, GA. Gwinnett OB/GYN, one of the best obstetricians in Snellville, GA, has years of experience and knowledge in this field and treated thousands of mothers in and around Snellville, GA. The physicians at this clinic suggest that when an issue shows up, don't assume that it will go away on its own. Instead, talk to the doctors and explain the situation in detail. Any strategy that our obstetrics in Snellville, GA devise to deal with postpartum depression or baby blues considers all the facts surrounding the symptoms.

Last but not least, by getting treatment with a reliable obstetric on time, you are safeguarding the overall well-being of your child. Motherhood is easy to manage and enjoyable at the same time if, and only if, you have a healthy body and mind. Call and schedule an appointment with us today.

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