3D Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound

3-D Obstetrical Ultrasounds

3-D ultrasounds give an added advantage to routine ultrasounds by giving the ability to calculate the volume of the object/image being examined, hence creating images that can not traditionally be seen on a normal two-dimensional ultrasound.  In addition to giving you a beautiful image of your baby, 3-D ultrasounds may potentially also provide better visualization of fetal facial anomalies, neural tube defects, fetal tumors, and skeletal malformations. Despite these advantages, 3-D ultrasounds are not meant to replace the traditional two-dimensional ultrasound and are still only used as an adjunct to the traditional method.

3-D Ultrasound options offered at Gwinnett OB-GYN include:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

  • Done between 16-18 weeks gestation to help predict gender of baby

Hello Friend! Hello Friend!

  • Done between 26-32 weeks gestation
  • Colored 3-D glossy images of baby
  • High resolution CD
  • Gender evaluation if desired

One Potato, Two Potato!

  • Gender predictor for multiple gestation pregnancies (done in 2nd trimester)
  • 2-D glossy image of each baby (2nd trimester)
  • Colored 3-D images of each baby (when done in 3rd trimester)
  • High resolution CD (3rd trimester)

If you are interested in any of these 3-D ultrasounds please ask the front desk staff for more information on pricing and scheduling.

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