What Can My OBGYN Do To Help Me Get Pregnant

What Can My OBGYN Do To Help Me Get Pregnant

There are many fertility treatments available, like fertility lubes, medications, and even mobile applications to increase the chances of fertilization. But which treatment is best for you? If you search for a “fertility specialist near me,” Gwinnett OBGYN will be the top search. Our fertility specialists in Snellville can evaluate the best course of treatment for you.

Advice From The Best Fertility Specialist In Snellville

Experts recommend that you should not wait before reaching out to a specialist since fertility declines with age. Rather, search for a “fertility specialist near me” and speak to a specialist if you think you’re experiencing signs of infertility. At Gwinnett OBGYN, you can expect to receive compassionate care. Our providers will go through your prescription and over-the-counter medications together. Some may impact the development of embryos or even result in future birth defects.

You should also mention conditions you have to the OB GYN fertility specialist that may directly impact fertility, such as:

  • PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Endometriosis
  • Thyroid disease
  • Diabetes

When you seek a fertility specialist near me, make sure that the specialist knows your medications and pre-existing conditions.

Nutritional Guidance From Infertility Treatment

A fertility specialist near me can provide you with a plan for healthy eating habits to boost your fertility. Healthier eating habits regulate your hormones and increase strength during your pregnancy. It is good advice to add fish to your weekly diet plan, but make sure the fish you consume contains little to no mercury with an abundance of Omega-3. Studies have shown that Omega-3 aids in pregnancies and decreases preeclampsia risks. Even post-conception, Omega-3s should still be a part of your diet.

Other essential supplements according to fertility specialists near me include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Folate or folic acid
  • Contact Gwinnett OBGYN for more information on eating habits.

Tips On Exercise

A fertility specialist near me will give you general health advice, given that the healthier you are, the better your chances of conceiving. With this being said, your odds of a healthy pregnancy improve if you incorporate exercise into your weekly regimen. Physical activity provides enhanced physical and mental health, and while this is true for you, it pertains to your future baby as well.

Experts advise that you work out for half an hour minimum three times a week. According to fertility specialists, light weightlifting and cardio routines are excellent options. Additionally, you can add a few brisk walks a week. Healthy habits like elevating your heart rate regularly boost the health of you and the fetus. Not only does exercise aid in your pregnancy, but it also helps you recuperate faster post-delivery too.

What Fertility Doctors Say About Sleep And Stress

Research has shown how much stress can adversely affect fertility. It is suggested that you add relaxation techniques into your daily routine; in fact, make it a priority. Options include meditation, a soak in the bathtub, or yoga. These simple methods can decrease your stress levels while treating yourself.

Sleep also boosts relaxation. It balances and regulates your hormones as irregular sleeping patterns may disrupt your ovulation.

Understand Your Body’s Processes

A woman’s window of fertility is a period of six days. This time includes five days prior to ovulation in addition to the day of ovulation. Having intercourse daily in this window increases your chance of conceiving.

Not everyone experiences a regular menstrual cycle. However, if you do, your window of fertility most likely extends from days nine to 14 of the cycle. If you experience irregular menstrual cycles, please consult a fertility special at Gwinnett OBGYN in Snellville, GA.

Peak Fertility Times

A cervical mucus test is done by the fertility specialist to keep track of your ovulation. Your cervix secretes this fluid for three reasons. The first is to provide natural lubrication throughout intercourse. The second is to offer protection against infections. Finally, the third is to assist sperm in reaching the egg.

Your body type and amount of this secretion change throughout your cycle, and when you are ovulating, it has a clear and slippery consistency. If you notice this fluid, it will maximize your chances of conception.

Contact A Fertility Specialist In Snellville

Consulting a fertility specialist near me can give you a comprehensive insight into your reproductive health and help create a treatment plan to help you conceive and enjoy a healthy pregnancy. At Gwinnett OBGYN, our infertility doctor Snellville GA is ready to guide and assist you through this journey. Please contact us, and we’ll help you find the best route to pregnancy and take you there.

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